About “After Obama??”

Whether we live in the USA or not, we are all stuck with Obama for at least 3 and possibly 7  more years.

And then what? President Palin? Another smooth-talking pseudo-progressive Machiavellian Prince-President who will appear compassionate, faithful, humane, religious without actually being any of these things?

Neither the USA nor the human family can afford a continuing catastrophe of that kind.

Already many influential  progressives in the USA have – rightly – written off  the Democratic Party as “the graveyard of activism”  and Obama as just a smarter, funnier version of George W Bush.

They are already asking  why they are in this position and what they can do to set in train a process of fundamental change.  And this is not just a US dilemma.  The same problem of unreliable leaders and sold-out political parties  confronts sane people in  every other country with a functioning electoral system.

This blog will say loudly and clearly and often, that if we are to challenge the status quo successfully, we will have to abandon many of the obsolete paradigms and myths that have dominated progressive political thinking for  generations.

We need to move from anger, recrimination  and powerlessness towards theory-forming, shared visions, strategic consensus and  purposeful action. Our watchwords will have to be:

A revolution that is not more technically proficient

and more effective than the regime it supplants is lost


You never change things by fighting the existing reality…

to change something…

build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.


The people who are trying to make the world worse,

never take a day off. Why should I?


Whether we live in the USA or not, we are all stuck with Obama for at least 3 and possibly 7  more years.

And then what?



  1. 1
    David Chester Says:

    A third central party according to Scott Baker is too slow, but in the long-term it is correct way to aim. But why do we have to wait for Obama to leave off being president? Grass-roots start and grow right here and can have great influence without a new election. What is needed is the will and ethical motivation to bring about the change that Obama promised but has not yet properly achieved (although he deserves some credit is certain issues and certain disgust in others).

    • 2
      wilfwilliamson Says:

      Exactly. Now is the time to start. But, (as my later posts will explain) I think something much more ambitious is needed than ‘a third central party’. IMO There’s a whole new continent of possibilities out there just over the current political mental-horizon.

  2. 3
    Michael Cavlan RN Says:

    We are out there, building and organizing a real, honest and viable alternative to the pro-war, corporate corrupted two party system.

    look for your local Progressive Party. There are chapters now in Minnesota, Vermont, Oregon, Washington State and others. If you do not have a local chapter, then start one. Use the Oregon Progressives as a template and build your own.

    That is what we are doing in Minnesota.

  3. 4
    Michael Cavlan RN Says:

    Oh and BTW, I was one of those people who were banned from Op Ed News.

    Ask about COTO Committee Of The Obvious.

    We have a wordpress blog. look us us.

  4. 5

    As someone who was there at the start of the new progressivism, I can say it is not viable anymore. It has been hijcked by various groups who hope to have their pet issues be the heart of progressivism.

    The only issue is breaking the stranglehold of the two party system. Once that is accomplished then everyone can deal with their pet issues within their own party.

  5. 6
    David Chester Says:

    In other words the “mini” politics of the various progressive parties neds to be worked out first before a solid front can be presented to the electorate. So this should be where the “third way” needs to begin.

  6. 7

    What I am saying is that people need to stop being selfish about their mini politics and keep their eye on the bigger picture. We are on the hindenburg and they got us fighting over the window seat.

  7. 8
    u64 Says:

    Democracies have Constitution Laws that prevent any party from
    taking over and outlaw elections and such.
    Companies dont have democracy. Companies barely have Laws ffs.
    But. instead of waiting for the next election and hope that maybe
    this time things will be repaired. The alternative seems to be
    revolution but i have a much better idea.

    To fix capitalism, forever,
    we must make a Legal document, a Company Consitution that
    prevent greed and takeovers etc.
    And ensure equal ownership and pay, regardless of job-description
    and regardless of skin-color and so on and so forth.
    One vote per person.
    Patents are allowed to prevent greedy-companies from using
    inventions but always allow use for non-profit and
    other Constitutional Companies.
    (Inspiration comes from GNU GPL)

    I’m willing to bet the whole Free World that such companies will
    out-perform the greedy companies.

    I’m not a lawyer. But spread the idea and it will happen.

  8. 9

    I believe it was Einstein who said that no problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it ………

    As such, we need a shift in consciousness propelled by mutual cooperation and altruism ~ the twin driving forces of evolution.

    We do it by first correcting the most obvious, and yet unrecognized, truth ~ the illegal and morally destructive occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan ~ by not renewing the funding of these ongoing nightmares.

    All our efforts should now be on exposing the human and financial costs of these misadventures and using the mid-term elections to elect people dedicated to this cause.

    Once that is accomplished ~ we will have started the process of a government led ‘ by people who have the values and know-how to apply the principles of cooperation to tackling the hugely complex problems of the human family.’

    The first step in transformation is recognizing the truth and then correcting it through action . There is no effective change without action.

    Unfortunately, we are still in the truth gathering stage.


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